Hey, I know only a few will read this to the end, but if you are one of them, wow… thanks!

Hi, my name is Ignace, I am an 18 year old guy and in my free time I enjoy making software. I’ve made a smartphone application which lets you measure any tempo in beats per minute. You might think, how is that useful for me? Well, if you do sports and you want to measure your heart rate, with this app it’s super easy and fun to do! Or do you play music and you need to know the tempo of any song? Quickly done with this app! It even has a metronome function build in which makes your phone highlight on the beat! If you watch the YouTube video, you will see how easy it goes.

I am posting this on Tumblr because I don’t have all the money to spend on marketing like all the big companies do. It’s hard to get noticed as an independent developer. But I trust Tumblr because it’s a place full of nice people, like you :) If you want to support me, please like/reblog this post and download the app. It works on any Android device, sorry not for iPhone :(

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